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Aug 23, 2009 10:30am EDT
mr. harry reid that we can take all the money and put it into health care and it will not fix the problem until we put investment into prevention and wellness, that will drive costs down. i have a friend at duke university next week for cancer treatment. we are better than that to tell us must wait six months. most americans value life. the value the life at one as it represents all. thank you for your conservative leadership. [applause] >> thank you. a good part of any health care reform must include wellness and prevention. going to get a physical every year to detect problems before they become serious. the healthcare provider earlier made the analogy to get in your brakes replaced in the car. well, when you get your oil change they actually check the brakes, tires. we should do the same for health care. unfortunately, this bill from the house does not address it wellness programs. when you talk to good businesses they talk about on his programs -- the talk about wellness programs for their employes. they get a lot of benefit from it. it would be easier to detect a small proble
Aug 23, 2009 1:00pm EDT
pelosi and harry reid and all of these people who continue to make us feel like we have to fight for our american freedom? >> well, because it's -- [applause] >> we can both stereotype. in the past weeks there are three high-profile republicans caught with their mistress. i won't say that all republicans have mistresses. i won't stereotype, and i am in many chambers and my friend is in the all of fame, and it doesn't make me any of those things. i am pro-life and vote for that every time. >> did you say that you are with this bill -- >> one at a time. >> did you say you were working on this bill with shurmer? >> no, chuck -- shurler. and keith shurler came in second with the heisman trophy, but that doesn't me that. >> your buddy out of new york, he's planning for this health care plan with a vote of 50, can you fight for that for us in mississippi? >> sir, i regret that i will have to ask you to repeat your question, i could not hear you. >> all right, the question was that he's threatened to ram this health care plan through with a vote of 50 after this recess. is there any way for you
Aug 30, 2009 1:00pm EDT
any morning when they open the senate, and i usually do, watch harry reid and them, and he tears right into the public option for health care. during that time -- if you don't believe it just go to canada. he goes on fox news and just sits there with some 40 doctors they got. the talk about how bad the canadian medicine is. now the question is, does mitch mcconnell no his absolute stone cold line cannot or does he just like all the time? which is it? anybody would know his line about that if he is watched -- if he watched the for cigna. does he purposely lied all the time? guest: no, i do not think his line and in those statements, but i congratulate the caller on noting one of his most important tactics since he has been republican leader. he does it use his speeches, often his morning business-type speeches on the senate floor to consistently address an issue. the first to did in this session of congress was the closure of guantanamo. he hit that hard, consistently over a long period of time, and i think have some effect. he is doing the same now on health care reform. i think
Aug 16, 2009 2:00am EDT
harry reid, for their outstanding work to -- [applause] for their outstanding work to complete this process before the august recess. i want to thank senator schumer, senator dole brand, both of them home state senators for sotomayor on behalf of their extraordinary work. i want to thank all the members of congress who have taken the time to join us here at the event and want to acknowledge all of thedvocates and groups who organized to mobilize in support of these efforts from the very beginning. your worked maybe absolutely -- your work was critical to our success, so pat ourselves on the back. congratulations. [applause] to members of congress want to acknowledge, senator bob menendez, who worked so hard on the senate side -- and commerce woman vasquez -- congresswoman vasquez, from our hispanic caucus. i think we all wanted take a moment to recognize the woman who in so many ways made this day possible, justice sotomayor. [applause] she is here with her husband, omar, her brother, one, and other members of her family who are thrilled they could join us here today. and let me als
Aug 15, 2009 2:00pm EDT
republican majority, the other will vote for harry reid or nancy pelosi. those are two very critically important votes. regardless of how they vote on anything else, one guy will vote one way and the other will vote the other. who would you prefer they vote for? it is not a game of purity anymore. i wish it could be but it is not. it is a game of the evils of to loesser's. you have to pick the lesser evil of the two. >> thank you. >> i am very concerned about what will be happening with the census. apparently the census will be under the control of the white house. they are hiring all these people from a corn to be census takers. there was an article in the wall street journal that talked about there is a question of them counting illegal immigrants in the census. i wonder how this will if -- affect elections going forward and if there's a thing we can do about it? i assume it will affected not in our favor. >> my understanding is that there is some compelling laws that even the white house will have to comply with on that. that they were not able to pull it from the commerce program.
Aug 29, 2009 2:00pm EDT
. >> about ten rows back, a young man in a blue shirt. >> hello. thank you for coming. my ime is harry reid and the majority whip, dick durbin both stated that they would not be opposed to passing healthcare reform if they don't have the 60 votes necessary to bypass the filibuster and that they would pass it using a budget reconciliation. i'm wondering what you think about that and whether or not that would be a feasible solution if they don't have the votes. i don't think that's a good idea, for the record. >> the process known as budget reconciliation is a procedural mechanism unique to the senate that would allow for a way to get around a filibuster. filibuster requires 60 to bake it. when something is moved through reconciliation, it just requires 51 votes, so it is a process that is available. it is a process, however is subject to technical rules within the senate in terms of what may be considered under reconciliation and without getting too much into the weeds, there is so much contained in the healthcare bill that came out of the health committee that would not be subject to reconcilia
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6